Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2015

‘Musiques sacrées Île de Man/Cornouailles/Galice’ Eglise Saint Louis

David Kilgallon and Russell Gilmour performed in the Eglise Saint Louis concert within the Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2015. We played first in the concert this year (as I had to go to the Stadium for the Nuit Interceltique at 10pm) and we began with a performance of ‘Mannin Vooar’, which we have adapted for Trumpet and Organ from David’s original solo organ arrangement/composition. Next followed a progressive interpretation of the Norwegian song ’Når månen tindrar’, and then we played a suite of complicated and fast-moving Irish tunes by Eoghan O’Cannabain. 

We finished as we began - with a Manx tune - and we played the two tunes that we deemed to be the unofficial ‘anthems’ of the Manx contingent at FIL - Irree ny Greiney (by Bob Carswell) and Mylecharaine's March.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Performance

The Manx Trumpet and Organ duo 'Chronicles' performed in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on 25th of July 2014. Liverpool University hosted the event, as part of their "Festival of Ideas", which included several other events around Liverpool. Other Manx musicians, including Ruth Keggin, Mec Lir and Nish as Rish, were also involved in the festival, giving performances in a large marquee in Abercromby Square - in the heart of the campus of Liverpool University. 

Chronicles, relying on the somewhat importable church organ, gave their performance just down the road in the Metropolitan Cathedral. They performed traditional music from the Isle of Man, Sweden, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Brittany in their lunchtime concert. David Kilgallon played on the formidable 88-stop cathedral organ and Russell Gilmour played several different instruments, including a Selmer piccolo trumpet in G, an F. Besson Trumpet in C and a cornetto (a replica of a Renaissance instrument) which was made by John McCann in Sandy, Utah in 2009. Throughout their recital, they filled the reverberant cathedral with music that was triumphant, reflective and relaxing and both Russell and David took turns in providing an interesting commentary between pieces - explaining the links between the Isle of Man and the medieval manuscript 'the Chronicles of Mann and Sudreys' after which the duo is named.



The festival was a great success for Chronicles and for all of the Manx artists involved. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to publicly show the links that Liverpool and Liverpool University have with the Island: educationally, geographically, historically and culturally.


Chronicles would like to extend thanks to Liverpool University for their invitation and to the Isle of Man Arts Council and Island of Culture for their support with this project. Thanks must also go to Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral for allowing us to use the magnificent organ and to the Cathedral Organist, Richard Lea, for explaining how to program it.


Concert 25 July 2014 - Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Chronicles are excited and honoured to be performing in Liverpool University's 'Festival of Ideas'. The concert will take place in the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on Friday, 25 July at 12 noon. 

David is very much looking forward to playing at 88 stop organ in the cathedral and Russell even has a new trumpet for the occasion, to add to his ever increasing arsenal of instruments!

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Concert - 19:30 4th July 2014 at St. Thomas' Church, Douglas

Come along to our concert this evening (Friday 4th of July 2014) with Manx Gaelic Choir Cliogaree Twoaie, Soloist Ruth Keggin and Trumpet & Organ Duo: 'Chronicles'.

Here is a little spoiler from our rehearsal today!